Page 11

The section on the "NASA Mars Lander" warrants an extra paragraph:

The Mars Polar Lander smashed into Mars, due to a premature shutdown of descent engines when software incorrectly interpreted a spurious sensor signal as meaning it had touched down. In addition, the Mars Climate Orbiter had a navigation flaw due to mix-up of English and metric units, more a pure play on human error and process bugs than real software bug. It is assumed to have broken up in the Martian atmosphere.

Page 12

The USS Vincennes is erroneously referred to as the "US Vicennes."

Thanks to Chuck Howell for the feedback.

Page 178, the example of using FTP to download netcat: The last line, after "echo get nc.exe>>ftp.txt" should be "echo exit>>ftp.txt"

Page 180, the headline that starts with "Attack Example: Injection and..." : TFTP means Trivial File Transfer Protocol, and not "Tiny FTP."

Page 185, the paragraph that starts with "Consider what happens...": The example in the previous paragraph showed DNS name "" turned to file "", therefore the DNS name "server.exploited/../../../../NIDS/Events" will create the file "server.exploited/../../../../NIDS/Events.LOG" - there's no need to add the ".LOG" suffix to the DNS name.

Page 206, the line that starts with "KP2-44-DICRIMINATOR..." should start with "KP2-44-DISCRIMINATOR...". An "S" is missing.

Thanks to Jonathan Bokovza for ferreting out these errors.